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When in a relationship, asking your partner for something that you want…

When in a relationship, asking your partner for something that you want, not getting it, but having to ask again can cause a negative emotion which is expressed as nagging. It can take a toll on the individual and also put a strain on the relationship.

Sometimes being told what to do can make your partner feel like a child who doesn’t know how to manage their lives. You are therefore not considered being equal in the relationship anymore.
After the initial “I love you” disappears, one can become very relaxed and feel safe once this unity has been made. We have a view in mind that love is unconditional but in reality, we don’t forgive our partners unconditionally for behaviors that are deemed annoying.

You’re not looking to win when it comes to #nagging. You’re neither looking to compromise. You should consider the act of positive reinforcement and start appreciating your partner for the little things that they do that make your life that much easier. Once they start to feel appreciated when it comes to things that they do, they will be more willing to do more without the need for you to ask. We need to stop taking one another for granted and start appreciating more of what the other does.
Make it a habit to be #positive and let them know that what they do you #appreciate considerably.

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