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I know I hurt her, what do I do?

Well it’s not going to be all about flowers, chocolates and diamonds. When you have come to your senses, and acknowledge that you have done something wrong, the first words should be, “I am Sorry”. Your next words should be what you are sorry for.

Let’s be honest, there will be moments in your relationship where you will be upset with each other. It’s not always going to be life at the beach.

You have to listen to your partner, whether it’s said or showed directly or indirectly. Never say things such as “its not a big deal”, “you don’t make sense” and ” whatever” to name a few. Never downgrade their feelings. Be open to listening and not brushing off what they have to say.

Be cautious of the tone in your voice and the words you use to express your feelings. Acknowledge that you are aware that you have upset them. Try to make amends and make a huge effort not to repeat your mistake.

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