Our Story

Relationships sure aren’t what they used to be. In today’s society; divorce is on the rise, people aren’t getting married like they used to, relationships are more fast-paced, and as far as communication between men and women, have we ever been on the same page? We honestly believe in finding TRUE love and happiness, but we also understand in order to find TRUE love and happiness, you have to first find it within your own heart.

Heart U Not is a greeting card company that caters towards relationships to help bridge the communication between men and women. We accomplish this through our greeting cards and gifts that address various topics such as break up on good terms (Heart U Not), Counsel, to help address issues within the relationship, and Inspirational to help inspire someone to get over a bad day or break up.

Along with our greeting cards, we have also created Care Packages that we personally designed and handpicked items to; help relieves stress, promote good health, reconnect with self, and inspire positive relationship building. With that being said, show you care and show your heart by helping us make relationships great again!

Message from Our CEO

Men and women need a bridge of communication for makeups, breakups and everything in between, not just Valentine’s Days and anniversaries.

At Heart U Not, we aim to be that bridge.”

– Timothy Hill
Founder and CEO, Heart U Not LLC.